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WP1 Preparatory activities

A.1 Benchmarking of best practices and survey on potential visitors

Leader: Museum of Lebork, Poland


This preliminary activity has focused on the visitor’s museum experience. The questionnaires have helped profile the audiences, according to age, gender, education, professional activities, etc.

This survey was partly conducted on-line due to the pandemic. A large share of the respondents however returned the questionnaire to the museums when the lockdown was lifted. 278 respondents took part in the survey, subdivided as follows:

A. Provincia di Padova: 51 (including 39 + 12 questionnaires for the visually impaired group)
B. Museum in Lębork: 50
C. Butterfly Arc s.r.l .: 30
D. Ris Raziskovalno Izobrazevalno Sredisce Dvorec Rakican: 32
E. Fundación Santa María la Real del patrimonio histórico: 115


For the purpose of learning for the best examples of audience engagement in other museums, the partners distributed questionnaires and conducted interviews with operators of 18 other cultural institutions. Partners were expected to collect at least 10 questionnaires. Despite the lockdown they have achieved instead to collect 18 completed questionnaires.

WP3 Communication and Dissemination

Roll-up Communication

Flyer available in English, Italian, Slovenian, Polish and Spanish



Two preliminary informative and training sessions are implemented to help museum operators to handle the activities of the project and interact with the ICTs. The partner in charge of the informative sessions is RIS Dvorec Rakičan.

The first online session took place on May 24th, 2021. The informative training was arranged by RIS that also provided the information material and the platform to attend the four hours lesson.

During this session the partners introduced to the other partners their respective Apps. The Apps take by surprise the visitors who get very good value for the cost of the ticket and are a great way of touring the collections in total freedom .

The slide presentation

The partners have conceived MUS.NET. Apps in order to:

  • explain about the project goals and give visibility to the Creative Europe Programme
  • elicit different kinds of reactions from the visitors based on the senses, emotions and brain
  • create statistical tools and collect data to profile the visitors and offer an increasingly tailormade experience
  • offer different customized tours and upgrade them constantly

All Apps have satisfactorily passed the accessibility test performed by the project accessibility manager to ensure that visually impaired people may independently access the uploaded information.

Links to the Apps are as follows:



The RIS Rakičan is available on:

Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.nativescript.carriageandroid  

AppStore: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/carriage/id1545826459