Province of Padova – ITALY

The Province is the intermediate local government that promotes the development of local communities, and represents the interests expressed by its 930.000 inhabitants. Among others, it promotes the internationalization of schools, not for profit organization and communes participating to the debate about EU policies for culture, sports, economic development.

The Province of Padova has the task of promoting the cultural activities for the 104 cities within its territory and the management of its own six museums: the Museum of Medical History, the Museum of Geology and Palaeontology, the Bacchiglione River Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Museum of Living Insects, the Museum of Industrial Machines.

The Province runs a museum portal, manages the Reteventi portal to advertise the cultural events of the 104 cities, finances libraries dealing with reading promotion projects, coordinates the provincial library network system and trains its staff.

Muzeum w Lęborku – Lebork Museum – POLAND

The Lebork Museum is a public organization which hosts a number of collections in the fields of archeology, history, etnography, and art of all ages up to modern-day. The museum plays a role as the main centre for historical studies of the region of Northern Pomerania. For many years the Museum has cooperated at national and international level with many universities, scientific research and art centres and societies. In Poland and abroad it has organized and coorganized many exhibitions and conferences with partners from Portugal, Spain, Germany and Italy. Lebork Museum runs an extremely popular workshop series focusing on disappearing ancient and medieval crafts covering techniques such as weaving, handmade paper, stained glass, pottery, etc. The museum strives to involve public of all ages in its activities that run throughout the year. It also encourages active participation of all kinds, i.e. with workshops, treasure hunts, annual themed costumed events, temporary exhibitions.


Butterfly Arc-BA is a creative and cultural company managing museums and exhibition spaces for natural history and research purposes. BA is licensee for Zoological Gardens by the IT Ministry of Environment and is among the first organisation in the world to open a Butterfly Museum. On appointment of the Province of Padova BA manages the five museums: M. of Geology and Paleontology, the M. of the Bacchiglione River, the M. of Natural History, the M. of Living Insects, the M. of Industrial Machines.

BA is a member of the Italian Association of Science Museums and of many international institutions. BA since 1987 focuses on education, preservation and research organising guided tours, workshops, customized school and groups programs; it works alongside private and public institutions, in partnership with scientific institutions worldwide. The manager Moretto is a regular guest of the nationwide broadcasted programme GEO&GEO and an assistant to the production of documentaries.

RIS Mansion Rakičan – SLOVENIA

RIS Mansion Rakičan is a public regional organization from Slovenia and is founded by the Municipality of Murska Sobota and co-founded by the Association for Technical Culture of Slovenia. It works in the field of research, education and tourism., and acts as a dynamic and adaptable institution, open to change, carrying out interdisciplinary work and developing a successful synergy between education, research and innovation. The main goal is to develop sustainable forms of tourism and promote natural and cultural heritage. Therefore RIS works closely with the Institute of Culture, Tourism and Sports, the City of Murska Sobota and other agencies.

The picture gallery at RIS museum is the venue to several temporary exhibitions of national and international artists.

RIS was a partner of several EU cultural projects: among them Tell your story and Reducing social exclusion through a creative approach to reading.

Fundación Santa María La Real del Patrimonio Histórico – SPAIN

FSMLRPH is a non-profit organization, founded in 1994, with recognized expertise in facilitating intelligent management, restoration, rehabilitation and heritage conservation. Its mission is to promote sustainable development initiatives based on cultural heritage. It is a national Foundation with offices in Aguilar de Campoo, Madrid, Valladolid and Sevilla and comprises a highly competent staff of more than 250 people engaged in different activities. These are the main programs and activities: European projects (FP6, FP7, Horizon2020, Interreg, COST action), heritage innovation (, study and investigation (Encyclopedia of Romanesque Art and Architecture in the Iberian Peninsula), intervention plans, master plans, restoration and rehabilitation, cultural diffusion and communication with society, social innovation (Employment and Solidarity Entrepreneurship Launching Programmes,, training and employment.