• Europe Day: a call for action

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On Europe Day 2022, the Province of Padova President Fabio Bui released a press statement remarking the need for action and for unity among the States and the citizens. President Bui also remarked that the 2022 European Year of Youth  puts under the spotlight the young people and their many challenges, ranging from climate change to global peace.  “The unjustified invasion of Ukraine has shown us that Europe is far from stable …..    EU member States should pledge to step up their commitment and come together to defend peace and solidarity,  to reaffirm the values of freedom and democracy within a world order based on the respect of  common, universally ackowledged rules”.

Bui added: “The European Union is much more than an abstract idea: it is a practical and concrete thought one can touch. Take the Province of Padova Esapolis Museum for example, which took advantage from the Creative Europe Programme to innovate its collections with the project MUS.NET.” and he concluded with the motto: We are Europe, Europe is us.