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Italy Open Day 19th June 2021

The new App, Kidscorner and video open a new era at the Living Insects Museum Esapolis
The Province of Padova website reporting about the 1st Open Day promoted by the Province of Padova and Butterfly Arc with the special guest, Maria Luisa Cocozza, Canale 5 anchorwoman
Esapolis reopens its doors in great style, with new visiting experiences for kids and adults
Press clip from the online news magazine Padovanews
>From the web channel Informazione.it

Italy Open Day 19th February 2022

The third Italian Open Day unfolded from 10.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. of February 19th, 2022. 170 participants visited the Esapolis Museum in Padova, but many other requests could not be satisfied because the maximum number of attendees was reached within two days from the launch. As a consequence of the communication, 90 participants visited the museum, beyond the 170 covered by the reservation. The purpose for the Open day was the engagement of the participants in the activities made possible by the MUS.NET. installations. The large majority of visitors belonged to the target of families with young kids. The audience were admitted to the museums in groups of 15 persons. Each group was given a free tour consisting of: delivery of information material, brief explanation of the MUS.NET. Project, tour of the museums, ,the video presentation. Visitors were invited to test the application Museum in the Pocket that has around 100 descriptions on as many museum exhibits. In the case of the visitors not joining the guided tour the App was a useful tool. The third OD tested a new museum experience created by visually impaired people for regular visitors.

Italy Open Day 18th March 2022

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