• 3rd Open Day at Esapolis: the new “blind tour”

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On the Open Day on February 19th, 2022, 260 participants visited the Esapolis Museum in Padova, among them 90 paying visitors.
The purpose for the Open day was the engagement of the participants in the activities made possible by the MUS.NET. installations. The large majority of visitors belonged to the target of families with young kids.
The audience were admitted to the museums in groups of 15 persons. Each group was given a free tour consisting of: delivery of information material, brief explanation of the MUS.NET. project, tour of the museums, video presentation.  Visitors appreciated the freedom to roam around the museum with the APP Museum in the Pocket that has around 100 descriptions of as many museum exhibits.  The Draw Alive proved successful not only among kids but also with grown ups. The Blind tour was a big hit and therefore is going to be replicated and integrated into the regular museum tours. This experience offers to non – blind persons the possibility to enjoy a deeper bond with the insects on display, many of them living insects, and feel emotions that bring to the fore under stimulated senses.