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The museums need to be open to social media marketing to gain new audiences, especially nowadays, when the pandemic drove lots of museums to closure and consequently to the plummeting of the number of visitors. In this difficult environment, social media may come to the rescue.

This was one of the thoughts shared by the attendees of the dissemination event held in Lebork at the new wing of the museum on Dec. 9, 2021.  Other reflections centred around the story telling of MUS.NET.,  the applications “Draw Alive”, and the “Museum in the Pocket” that were tested by the participants to the training which included operators from the Gdansk Archaeological Museum, the Malbork Museum Zamkowe, the Narodowe Museum in Stettin, the Biskupin Archaelogical Museum, the Lednica Pierwszych Piastow Museum and the Historical and Archaeological Museum in Stargard.