• Europe Day Video Address by the Padova Provincial President Bui

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Europe Day on 9 May is an occasion to celebrate unity in Europe, specifically among the partners of the Province of Padova within the EU projects.
In his video address, the Province of Padova President, Mr. Fabio Bui, has highlighted the role played by the MUS.NET. project to launch the Padova museums into a future where the digital revolution will transform the way in which the audiences view the collections.
Digitalization is also going to change the relations between museums in Europe and the way they interact among themselves and with their audiences.
Mr Bui homaged the Creative Europe Programme for funding local governments and CCIs in order to help them increase the attractiveness of the cultural institutions and preserve their priceless cultural heritage and landmarks. Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bz8LGg_L6E
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