• 4th Open Day in Slovenia: Easter Monday at leisure

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Easter Monday on April 18th marked the fourth Open Day in Slovenia, a time for people to enjoy their leisure time visiting RIS Rakičan. The free tour included horseback riding, carriage riding, creative workshops, and the visit of our Carriages Museum (RDK Museum), with the presentation of MUS.NET project. Visitors were invited to learn more about the MUS.NET project,   children were enthusiastic about the colourings and the DRAW ALIVE application. When the adults saw how the application worked they all wanted to try it out. They were all thrilled about the application, and said that they will definitely visit the museum again, because they were impressed by the application. There was promotional material from MUS.NET and all other projects included in the Carriages Museum. Silhouettes and coloring material were also provided. There were candies and balloons on the tables for children to take it away as a memory.  The total number of visitors was 80. The event started at 15:00 and ended at 19:00.