• Children having fun at the Lebork Museum

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On November 26th, 2021 a group of very young visitors from the Kindergarten No. 6  was welcomed at the Lebork Museum by Anna Rzepka.  She guided them and explained how the Draw Alive works. She  described to them the meaning of the silhouettes, from the colourful butterfly to the legendary fish made of glass that archaeologists had unhearted from the underground in that same region. The kids could hardly be kept away from testing the Draw Alive application straight away.

They were thrilled by the effects of their drawing against the 3D background  and when their own silhouette appeared  on the screen there was no end to their enjoyment! They took their drawings and good memories home, to show and tell their parents and other children about this unforgettable day. Word of mouth is the best vehicle to make our museum known. The atmosphere and the young children’s good mood  signalled that the Draw Alive has passed the exam. Moreover, this experience has made Museum of Lebork aware of the large audiences to be engaged in local kindergarten and schools further.  A specific promotional package will soon be addressed to them.

The kids happily show their own drawings.
The kids corner set up at lebork museum consists of a large screen, a dispenser of sheets printed with the silhouettes and the draw alive box