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The Association Abruzzo in Europa is a regionwide NGO with the scope of disseminating and encouraging local governments to get engaged in EU projects of various kind, from culture to citizenship. Purpose of the INFODAY was  to inform about the Programme Creative Europe with guests from the Italian Helpdesk and from local governments to showcase best practices and step up its attractiveness among decision makers. The event took place on the  Zoom platform from 14.30 to 16.30 of Wed. 30th March 2022 and was streamed on the FB page of the association.

The zoom platform signaled at its peak 51 online participants,  while FB page reported 52 viewers and one share.

The event was opened by the speech of the MEP Isabella Adinolfi, Member of the EP Culture Committee, who explained the state of the art of the talks within the committee to increase the budget for culture. Her speech was followed by the Italian Helpdesk representative, Ms. Anna Conticello, who gave a detailed description on the new EU programme Creative Europe.  The Province of Padova’s contribution centred on the project MUS.NET. outcomes.