• 4th Open Day in Lebork in the first day of Spring

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The final Open Day in Poland, took place in Lebork on March 21, 2022. The event was connected to the first Day of Spring which is traditionally celebrated in kindergartens, primary and secondary schools with special programs.
The special occasion in 2022 consisted of the presentation of the applications of the MUS.NET. project.

The young visitors were attracted by  all MUS.NET applications and installations, among them  “Museum in the pocket”, the project film in the Welcome space and the Draw Alive.
The Draw Alive was tested mostly by the youngest visitors who could see how their colorful drawings are getting alive on the screen. Children were encouraged to take their drawings and MUS.NET balloons home. Some older visitors from high schools also took the chance to use the Draw Alive device. Meanwhile, a museum employee explained the etymology of those silhouettes, where they come from and what they symbolize. The youth got also information about the partners from the project.
The children and their teachers said that they will definitely come back. The implementation of innovative solution on the museum exhibition satisfies both young and older children who like to get engaged with the collections.  Due to the difficult Ukrainian situation, the Museum in Lębork’s fourth Open Day also received the young guests from Ukraine.

There were two hundred and sixty visitors during the forth Open Day event.