Italy Open Day 19th June 2021

The new App, Kidscorner and video open a new era at the Living Insects Museum Esapolis
Esapolis reopens its doors in great style, with new visiting experiences for kids and adults
The Province of Padova website reporting about the 1st Open Day promoted by the Province of Padova and Butterfly Arc with the special guest, Maria Luisa Cocozza, Canale 5 anchorwoman
Press clip from the online news magazine Padovanews
Europe Direct Venezia Veneto website communication
>From the web channel
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Open Day Photo Gallery and Video click here

Poland Open Day 9th June 2021

June 9th Award ceremony of the “From the pocket to the head”contest announced in May. Twenty-two school children took part in the contest. The award took place within the framework of the MUS.NET. Open Day. The awards and diplomas were handed out by Mariola Pruska – director Museum in Lębork and Witold Namyślak- the mayor of Lębork.
From the beginning of June the Museum in Lębork and the Water Tower were visited by over 1400 visitors.

Local newspaper article about the winners of the contest
The announcement of the award of the prize to the participants to the contest in the City of Lebork website
Lebork’s school website announcing the award of their students

Slovenia Open Day 18th June 2021

The Open Day took place on the premises of Mansion Rakičan, from 17.00 to 23.00 p.m. CET. The idea behind this event was to present the project MUS.NET along with other project, current implemented in Research and Education Center Mansion Rakičan in general, distribute promotional material created so far in the project, test Museum in the pocket application and test Draw Alive Tool with our target groups. Different activities were set up inside and outside the mansion. There were 4 main points:

  • Info point
  • Draw Alive corner
  • Creative workshops corner
  • Pottery workshop corner

Outside of the mansion, a pottery and creative workshops were set up 17.00 to 20.00 p.m. CET. Visitors were able to make their own beaker out of clay. In addition, creative workshops offered a chance for the visitors to make their own historical map of Mansion Rakičan and its surroundings.
The total number of visitors was estimated at 50.

Children absolutely loved the kidscorner and Colour to animate was a big hit!

Spain Open Day 25th June 2021

Coinciding with the San Juan Festivities in Aguilar de Campoo, Rom Museum: Románico y Territorio Exhibition Center yesterday organized an open day to present to the public the new spaces and technological tools that the center has introduced “to improve the visitor experience and attract new audiences ”.

César del Valle, coordinator of the Rom, has valued the experience as very positive, since the museum has received 140 visits in a single day, meeting the objectives set. “The people of the area have learned about the news that we have introduced in recent months in the museum thanks to the project and how they contribute to us continuing to discover history and heritage from emotion, entertainment and education.”

Furthermore, del Valle continues to explain, “interesting contacts” have been established with local associations and institutions that have competencies in matters such as culture, education or tourism; so important to a museum. Yesterday, representatives of the Aguilar de Campoo and La Pernía town councils, the Palencia Provincial Council and ARCO, the Association of Friends of the Aguilar de Campoo Heritage, passed through the Rom.

Radio Aguilar, Norte de Castilla (Newspaper), Diario Palentino (Newspaper), Onda Cero Radio, SER Radio, TV Palencia, and the newspaper La Vanguardia covered the Openday.

The screen of the kidscorner with the Draw Alive installation
Kids and parents are welcome at the kidscorner!
The museum facilitators assisting the children

Friends of the ROM and visitors posing at the entrance against the backdrop of MUS.NET. rollup
The announcement of the Open Day on Instagram