• 2nd Open Day at Lebork Muzeum, Poland

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The second Open Day at the Lebork Muzeum was organized in connection with the promotion of the book “From the Depth of Time, a Tale about a Fish”. This ancient artefact is among the most prized possession of the Polish museum.

Guests among them, many families with young kids, toured the museum and stopped at the Draw Alive corner that drew a lot of interest from children and parents alike. On the screen many lively drawings took life and fluctuated against the backdrop, consisting in  a  paddock and a farm.

Each guest received an entrance ticket with instructions about the navigation of the Mus.net. App “Museum in the Pocket”.

Draw Alive and children

Children having fun at the new installation

mum with kid

An adult explains to the child the functioning of the Draw Alive


Lebork Entrance ticket

the ticket back side has instructions about the use of the app