• 1st Open Day, Museum of Lébork : 9th June 2021

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The first Open Day on 9th of June 2021, takes place when the award ceremony of the “From the pocket to the head” contest is planned. The contest was announced in May and was dedicated to the school children of the region.

The idea of the contest was to combine the awareness of the local heritage knowledge with the promotion of the project. The twenty-two school children took part in the contest “From the pocket to the head” in two categories: In the first category (classes 4-6 of the primary school) was attended by 16 participants while the second category (classes from 7 to 8 of the primary school) had 6 participants.

The awards are handed out by Mariola Pruska, Director of the Museum in Lębork and by Witold Namyślak, the Mayor of Lębork. The children shall receive participation diplomas. After the reward, they shall join the planned sightseeing from the water tower, the views from the platform, watch the project video, and receive the project gadgets.