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The Open Day of October 10, 2021 is heralded by an unparalleled communication campaign commissioned by the Province of Padova.

The campaign started with the interview at the TV Show Primus inter pares broadcasted by TV7 local television on September 23. The Provincial President Mr Fabio Bui and the Esapolis museum director, Mr. Enzo Moretto were asked by the television host about the project achievements and the heritage preserved by this important museum. TV7 transmissions cover large areas of northern Italy for a daily average total of half a million viewers.

From the beginning of October, a special Facebook campaign has also been underway. More TV spots are going to be broadcasted by other local television, Telenuovo,  six times a day for six days.

Click here  to watch the TV SHOW

Click here to watch the TV spots

the new poster of the open day