• Lebork’s presentation to the Third Age University

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On 23rd November, 2021 the Museum of Lebork invited the participants of the Third Age University to a lecture given by the Director Mariola Pruska. The Director described the most important outputs of the MUS.NET. project and gave to the visitors basic information to enjoy the most important products of the project, i.e.:

• The application “Museum in the pocket”
• The “Welcome Space” with project film.
• The Kid’s Corner with “Draw alive” application.
The visitors received the leaflets and special attachment to the ticket with explanation of the usability of “Museum in the pocket” application.
Participants of this meeting concluded that the “Museum in the pocket” app is very helpful in individual guiding and the Draw Alive app is great fun for the youngest, so they will definitely will be recommending ICT tools by word of mouth.

the audience of the third age university participants listening to the lecture Director Pruska welcoming the visitors