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It is considered the most prestigious portal about the rights of the disabled persons in Italy.

Superando.it editor has talked with MUS.NET. accessibility manager Filippo Visentin about the experiences of visually impaired visitors to the Esapolis Museum, the Museum of Living Insects in Padova.

Filippo explained that giving a chance to this category of visitors to tour the museum halls independently and by themselves is an important goal of the project and tackles  the social inclusion priority of the Creative Europe programme that also focuses on the development of the audience. The visitor logs in  the Museum APP and follows the commentator’s voice that guides the  visitors throughout the itinerary and helps visually impaired persons to overcome the physical barriers and “feel” the living insects.

More at: http://www.superando.it/2021/07/08/accessibile-alle-persone-con-disabilita-visiva-il-piu-grande-insettario-ditalia/

Listen to the audio interview


a blind visitor is touching a 3D insect to learn about its shape